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The Secret to Succession Planning: Start Now

The Secret to Succession Planning: Start Now

As 2017 hurtles towards its wretched end, it is a time for reflection, budgeting, and planning. As a CIO what are you doing to replace…

Navigating Politics of the C-Suite

If you are the CIO of a national charitable organization, and said organization is giving away free money to disaster victims, the last thing you…

The Proof is in the Data

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly six months of hard nosed work culminates in a three-day whirlwind. But when a leading CIO and…

Midmarket CIO Award Finalists Announced

Boardroom Events is proud to announce the finalists for the Fall 2017 Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence. The winner will be honored on Tuesday, October…

Empower IT to lead digital transformation

Business innovation is no longer just for the C-suite. Enabling IT to take a lead will boost organizations into the new competitive landscape. The consumerization…

The Art of Attracting Employees

Aug 2017
Competition for top talent in any industry remotely technology-based is stiff, and the demand for highly skilled workers remains high. The holy grail of hires…

From CIO to CEO: A Holistic Approach to Business Leadership

CIOs are uniquely positioned to be dynamic leaders in times of change management   There's plenty of chatter these days about the evolution of IT and the…

5 Tips for Creating a Social Strategy

May 2017
Building your business network requires more than simply adding more contacts   Life is about…

The CIO’s Evolving Role: Technologist to Operations Expert

Apr 2017
Move Over Motivational Speakers, There's (Yet) Another New Duty for CIOs It’s true, a CIO’s job, by any job description you’ve ever read, focuses on…

Boardroom Events Honors Midmarket CIO, Vendors at Spring 2017 Forum

Apr 2017
Awards Recognize Strategy and Innovation Excellence Boardroom Events announced the winners of their Vendor Excellence Awards and Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence. Presented at the…
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